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Service to the Client: TDAG prides itself on being exceptionally service oriented. All clients receive principle personal involvement, along with the project designer, from initiation through completion of the project. We are capable of providing priority service to all our clients through our team approach and efficient internal communication. We are available to our clients through telephone, mobile phone, fax and email.


Dedication and Communication: The philosophy of the firm is dedication and commitment to the profession. This is evident in our communication with the client and associated industry trades, resolve to problem solving with creative design, and adherence to the schedule and budget of the project. Our staff is composed of those understanding this philosophy.


Quality and Expertise: Our commitment to the profession requires us to have the integrity of protecting the client’s interests, while providing creative professional design solutions.  We provide “Value Architecture” and “Value Design” rather than value engineering. This approach to design allows us to make cost and value decisions during the design process rather than at the completion of design.


Creativity: Many of our clients have been referred to us through the recommendation of previous clients and professional colleagues.  We have developed a reputation of being a creative design firm providing solutions that meet all of the needs of the client, while maintaining design integrity.


Efficiency:  Efficiency in design and project management is created through an excellent working relationship with the client.  We believe that complete and current program information will produce the best result for the project, schedule and budget.  Our methodology for producing the best product is based on thorough communication, attention to detail, understanding of building systems, ADA law, life Safety and local codes.


Communication and Translation: Our experience, through our multi-faceted client base, and our continuing education programs allow us to be in the forefront of current trends developing in the design, construction, real estate and information technology industries.  We value the importance of listening to the client, and by listening, we are able to translate the needs of the client into the best design.

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